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Ayurvedic weight loss medicine -MBDH Wellness

Ayurveda Jan, 2023

You are on the right page if you are looking for weight loss medicine ayurvedic. You will find dietary principles and natural remedies to fight weight loss systems.

Facts about Ayurveda and weight loss

  • As per Ayurveda, obesity is related to the term ‘Sthoulyam,’ meaning “looking obese.”

  • Ayurveda says that there is an increase in the digestive fire also known as Agni, which helps to digest food in the stomach.

  • When tissue metabolism gets hampered, the fat tissues don’t get transformed easily.

  • Taking an excess of oily, cold, and sweets causes vitiation of Kapha dosha, which further increases fat deposition.

  • Ayurveda helps to fight fat deposition and thereby correct them. It helps maintain the optimum body weight by directly attacking the body’s fat metabolism.

Ayurvedic Remedies for weight loss

Ayurvedic medicines are based on herbs, plants and their medicinal uses. Many herbs and plants have been used for around thousand years for mankind. Here is a few weight loss medicine ayurvedic that may help you with weight loss management:

1- Triphala

Triphala is made of three herbal superfruits Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. Known to effectively reduce blood glucose levels, especially for people with type 2 diabetes. Triphala can be beneficial in reducing and managing weight.

2- Guggul

Top on the list of weight loss medicine ayurvedic is Guggul. It is made from sap (resin) which is produced by the Mukul myrrh tree. It is clinically proven effective for weight loss. It has plant sterol and guggulsterone that promotes weight loss. Guggul enriched substances also lower triglycerides and cholesterol.

3- Kalonji

Kalonji also known as black seed or black cumin, has many medicinal uses. Kalonji seeds and the oil produced is effective for weight loss for men and women.

4- Vijayasar or Kino tree

It is a kind of extract produced from the vijayasar tree, also known as the Kino tree. This tree extract helps to manage and reduce weight. It is proven and tested evidence with a study on rats.

5- Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia also called Malabar tamarind is a tropical fruit, which works wonderfully as a weight-loss supplement. The fruits block the body’s ability to make fat. Hydroxyxcitric acid, the main ingredient in the fruit, boosts metabolism and reduces appetite. The fruit helps reduce stress and keep blood sugar steady and cholesterol levels in check.

6- Dalchini

Dalchini has numerous medicinal uses, which boost metabolism and help to reduce weight effectively. To get an optimal result consume a cup of cinnamon tea in the morning.


Punarnava scientifically known as BoerhaviaDiffusa is one of the most effective weight loss medicine ayurvedic. The plant has diuretic properties, which keep the bladder and kidneys healthy. It is also known to solve the problem of water retention.

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Author: Aaliya Sheikh

MBDH Wellness has more than 60 years of knowledge, and research on Ayurvedic Health Products. We strictly follow the principles of Ayurvedic philosophy and have helped thousands of customers who are looking for traditional Ayurvedic medicines for ailments and treatments. 

Get assured discounts on a few of our selected Ayurvedic products and medicines. Call us at – +91 9329913033 or submit an inquiry today at [email protected]


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