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Liv Pro DS Syrup : The cure for your liver

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Helps You With

Detoxifies, cleanses, and protects the body from toxins.

Boosts metabolism and digestive enzymes.

Reduces liver damage and potential for hepatitis or cirrhosis.

Best option for those with alcoholic liver disease.


A well-balanced detox and cleanse will eliminate the buildup of toxins that have collected in your colon, liver, and digestive system over the years.
The right way to detox is to improve your liver function by boosting optimal production of enzymes, with a specific focus on the gallbladder.
Detoxify your body by removing all toxic substances from natural sources



  • 100% Ayurvedic & Herbal

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  •  Payal Gupta

    It solved all issues acidity appetite bowel movement i and my grandmother even my little cousin brother age 6 take 5 ml daily go get it no side effects

  •  Falguni Pathak

    It is best for the people who have liver problems it treats them so well

  •  Jatin Lele

    No side effects, very good product

  •  Upen Hukmani

    Try this product for liver or stomach upset .

  •  Banty Yadav

    Very good. It works well. Improves digestion, appetite. Helps in acidity also. Overall a good product . MBDH products are worth the money.

What do Liv Pro DS Syrup do in the body?

The natural ability of the liver to detox reduces with age hence Weight Gain, Bad Skin, Thyroid, and Other health problems because of backed-up toxins. Liv Pro DS Syrup is an extra help to your liver to detox especially people with no gallbladder. 

I do not have a Liver Problem can I still take Liver Pro DS Syrup ?

If you are living in a polluted city, you should take the syrup every day to avoid any health complications as it will help the liver to keep your body away from Toxins.

How long can I use this product?

This syrup has ayurvedic herbs like Bhui Amla, Kasni, Punarnava, Chitrak, which has no overdosing side effects, you can take this forever for your health and vitality.

Is it safe for people with Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol or other health issues?

Yes it is completely safe, and in case of any doubts you can consult your health care practionaitre

How is MBDH Wellness products different from other brands?

1.The raw material used is of the highest quality
2. We add no synthetic Preservatives.
3. We add no harmful fillers in the capsules, as a filler we use ester vitamin C which is very good for the skin
4. Our Dosages are high enough to show the effect
5. The salts used are in the most bioavailable form.

How to take them?

Take one - two teaspoonful twice a day. 


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