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What is heartburn? - MBDH Wellness

Gas & Bloating Nov, 2022

What is heartburn?

A burning pain or discomfort that may move from your stomach to your abdomen or just or even up into your throat.

** Symptoms

1) A burning feeling in your just that can last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

2) Pain in your chest when you bend over or lay down.

3) A burning feeling in your throat.

4) A hot sour acidic or salty taste in the back of your throat.

5) Difficulty swallowing.

** Causes

1) Certain food and drink such as coffee tomatoes alcohol chocolates and fatty or spicy foods.

2) Being overweight.

3) Smoking.

4) Pregnancy.

5) stress and anxiety.

6) Some medicines such as anti-inflammatory painkillers.

7) Ayurvedic home remedies for heartburn and acid reflux

• Coconut water

Coconut water is nature's ENO- The best Ayurvedic medicine for acidity that brings instant relief and cools the acidic stomach juices. It even adds a protective layer over the stomach to prevent irritation from access acid.

How to use:-

A glass of coconut water taken after every meal helps in easy digestion.


It is one of the best natural remedies to cure indigestion and heartburn. Amla is known to reduce Pitta ( heat ) in our body providing relief from the burning sensation.

How to use:-

You can either boil and sunrise Amla or purchase a pack of dried Amla to chew On.

• Ginger

Ginger is another excellent Ayurvedic home remedy for acidity because it reduces swelling, and ginger brings down the chances of the stomach pushing into the chest cavity. Consequently, Acidic juices don’t flow into the food pipe.

How to use:-

Ginger goes well with all kinds of beverages. You can enjoy it in a glass of smoothie carrot juice or a cup of tea.

• Basil leaves (Tulsi)

Tulsi is affectionately called the herb for all these reasons. Acidity is no exception.

How to use:-

Make a habit to chew on a couple of leaves during the day or if you like it better boil a few leaves in water and bid goodbye to acidity with holy basil tea.

• Cinnamon

Few people doubt cinnamon but it is an absolutely safe Ayurvedic treatment for acidity. It helps to breakdown the food faster. And it reduces the risk of developing ulcers.

How to use:-

You can add cinnamon to your daily cup of tea. Otherwise, you can drink a hot cup of water with honey and cinnamon powder.

• Papaya

The enzymes of papaya are very effective in breaking down complex proteins. This means our bodies need to produce less acid to break down food that relieves painful heartburn.

How to use:-

Add ripe papaya to your breakfast, or as a post-dinner savory in your meal today.

• Garlic

Garlic has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. It can provide almost immediate relief from acidity.

How to use:-

Peel a small part press it and leave it in the open to reduce the natural heat in garlic. You can chew on it after 10 minutes.

##Some lifestyle suggestions:-

1) Don’t overeat or eat too quickly

2) Don’t eat late or right before bed

3) Don’t eat before exercising

4) Sleep on your left side

5) Eat ripe bananas

6) Reduce stress

7) Try losing weight

8) Stop smoking

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Author: Kanika Attri 

MBDH Wellness has more than 60 years of knowledge, and research on Ayurvedic Health Products. We strictly follow the principles of Ayurvedic philosophy and have helped thousands of customers who are looking for traditional Ayurvedic medicines for ailments and treatments. 

Get assured discounts on a few of our selected Ayurvedic products and medicines. Call us at – +91 9329913033 or submit an inquiry today at [email protected]

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